Healthy Traveling

Top Line Traveling can wreak havoc on your fitness, but it doesn’t have to. When done properly, time off can actually be beneficial to your fitness goals.  Why It Matters Most people go on vacation and completely fall off the wagon. They change their dietary habits and stop exercising. This combination can kill your fitness

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Mushrooms for Longevity

Top Line Mushrooms are a naturally occurring supplement that may be able to improve your memory, focus, training performance, and provide anti-aging effects.   Why It Matters Mushroom supplementation can be a simple daily addition for the benefit of your long-term health.   Key Takeaways  Lion’s Mane increases brain function through neurogenesis Lion’s Mane has

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What is your diet?

Keto, Carbs, & Protein diets: How do they affect performance?

Top Line This article will look at how ketogenic, moderate to high carbohydrate, and high protein diets effect athletic performance. Why it Matters Most high level or elite athletes will turn to their diet when looking to improve body composition and performance. Their body type and sport will most likely determine which diet will benefit

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