The H-Fit Assessment

An Executive Total Body Audit

What we do

  • 1


    Functional Movement, Postural Movement, and Orthopedic Movement Screens using live joint-sensing technology.

  • 2


    We test your V02 Max, Anaerobic Threshold and Heart Rate Recovery to tell us how well your heart and lungs are performing.

  • 3


    Testing the six primary movement patterns with no load, weighted, and circa-maximally (with load, assuming proficiency).


The testing team

Each H-FIT is administered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and two trainers with Master's Degrees in Exercise Science

What You'll Learn

You will receive a thorough report detailing how well your body functions in the areas of mobility, posture, movement, cardio, strength, and body composition. From this you'll know how move more efficiently, lift more, live with less pain, and reach calorie-specific goals.

The H-FIT Assessment should be done before designing any training or nutrition programs.


Testing is performed at our private gym located at 940 Third Avenue in Manhattan.

"What gets measured gets managed
...and what gets managed gets improved."
-Peter Drucker