Health Testing

know your baseline

Whether it’s health, training, or nutrition, objective data should drive every decision made.

At Apex Human Performance, we utilize clinical-grade lab equipment to obtain accurate and reliable data -- data that leads to accurate and reliable decisions.

Our members and clients call this an “unfair advantage;” we call it science.

From body fat testing (Body Composition Analysis) to metabolism testing (Resting Metabolic Rate or “RMR”), to VO2 Max testing (heart and lung function), the objective data we obtain is the key to unlocking weight loss and aesthetic goals, sports performance goals, and health goals.

Our staff of professionals who possess a minimum of a Master’s Degree, if not a doctorate, are expert at turning data into meaningful strategy, tactics, and results.

At its highest level this data is compiled in our H-FIT Assessment (Human Functional Index Testing), our proprietary total-body audit, which provides a GPS and roadmap to achieving any body-related or health-related goal, from losing fat to gaining muscle, to injury-proofing the body for golf and tennis, or just getting in better shape without worrying about injuries or plateaus.

Musculoskeletal Movement Pattern Assessment, FMS, SFMA, Joint Range Testing, and Orthopedic Assessment Y N N N Y
Body Composition Fat mass and lean mass via clinical Seca mBCA 525 analytics Y N N Y N
Metabolism Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR); bioindividual caloric data Y Y N N N
Cardiopulmonary VO2max Test (heart and lung function), Anaerobic Threshold (performance capacity), Training Zones (pace, heart rate & perceived exertion) Y N Y N N
Gait Analysis Assessment and correction of walking and running patterns Y N N N Y
Nutrition Bioindividual nutrition plans and guidance Y Y N N N
Training Customized exercise training and corrective exercise strategy Y N N N N

H-Fit Assessment

H-FIT (Human Functional Index Testing) is our flagship, total-body, executive health assessment. We test structural integrity, cardio levels, and movement capacity.


Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Find out exactly how many calories you should be consuming per day to meet your personal and performance goals. The days of the 2000 calorie max are out. 


VO2 Max Test

VO2 Max is a better indicator of health and longevity than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. This health test is a must-do for anyone!


Body Fat Testing

Our Body Composition Analysis is a multifactor measurement answering not only “How much?” but more importantly “Of what?”

Top Line

Data is ultimately what drives results. Our state of the art health and performance testing provides the critical data and insights needed to achieve results for any body-related or health-related goal.

Why it Matters

Without testing for key physiological metrics, health, fitness, and performance strategy and tactics are guesswork at best -- which not only impede results but increase risk of injury.

Key Takeaways

  1. Without performing tests like VO2 Max, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), Body Composition Analysis (body fat testing), it is difficult, if not impossible, to develop cogent training, nutrition, and health strategies.
  2. Our team of professionals are expert at converting data from health and performance testing into scientific, evidence-based strategies and tactics for any body-related or health-related goal.
  3. Our proprietary H-FIT Assessment includes every health and performance test we offer, creating a highly customized mosaic of body performance metrics that can be used to achieve any goal.