NYC’s leaders of personal training and preventative health.

NYC’s leaders of personal training and preventative health.

Apex Human Performance caters to leaders and decision-makers in NYC.

Unlike any other health club or gym, Apex members enjoy an integrated, collaborative, highly qualified team approach to their health and fitness — bringing together the guidance of Doctors of Physical Therapy, Masters in Exercise Science, and Masters in Nutrition.

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Personal training certifications provide the illusion of competence, education, and experience — which are all important when choosing the right person to entrust with your health and fitness. Unfortunately, most consumers don’t even know to ask about their personal trainer’s educational background.

     At Apex Human Performance, every single member of our team — our personal trainers, nutritionists, and physical therapists — possesses a minimum of a Master’s Degree in their field. 


Bringing all of the pieces together to manage your health and fitness isn’t easy. From exercising correctly; to treating and preventing aches, pains, and injuries; to ensuring what you eat not only helps you live longer, but better as well, is a daunting task. 

Firstly, because each of these areas is a specific discipline: Personal Training, Physical Therapy & Nutrition. 

Secondly, because these services have a high bio-individuality quotient, which requires proper testing and benchmarking, so that the solutions are customized for each individual. 

And thirdly, because these services are usually provided in an unorchestrated fashion from individual sole practitioners who do not communicate with each other or coordinate plans for their clients.

     At Apex Human Performance, we make fitness, body care, and nutrition easy by providing a comprehensive, all-inclusive game plan for your body, based on clinical-grade testing, and administered by a team of verifiable experts you can trust.


Most health and fitness services not only keep clients beholden to a sole practitioner and his or her schedule, but do not offer any level of care outside of scheduling appointments. 

     At Apex Human Performance, we provide a high level of flexibility and ease of scheduling with our team of experts — and unparalleled 24/7 concierge care, from coordinating related health services in NYC and beyond, procuring priority access to the City’s top physicians, to designing and outfitting our members’ home gyms.

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