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Why the Army Can’t Find Fit Recruits

When recruits aren't fit to serve, is it the Army's fault or ours? I've been thinking a lot about the way that we test and measure fitness and physical performance ...
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What Can You Learn From the NFL Combine?

​The NFL Scouting Combine is coming to a close, and the football world is beginning to take its bets on the prospects who will be drafted next month and where ...
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How Physical Therapy Predicts Your Future

In my opinion, Physical Therapy as a profession has done a very poor job of explaining all that we can do. Unfortunately, most folks think of us only after they've ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Personal Trainer – Part II

As evident from the first part of this guide, finding a personal trainer in a saturated marketplace like New York City can be quite the challenge. With such a low ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Personal Trainer – Part I

When it comes to your personal health & fitness, there is a good chance that you’re dissatisfied in one way or another. Maybe you don’t like the way you look. ...
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Opinion: The Simple But Tough Truth About Weight Loss

The holidays are coming and anybody who has some sort of fitness goal definitely has food on their mind. They either love it, or they're worried about their fitness and ...
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Going Nuts About Coconuts: What’s the Truth?

A little over two weeks ago now, the American Heart Association published a report advising against the use of coconut oil. Naturally, the coconut oil-loving world went into a frenzy, ...
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Move of the Week: Resting Metabolic Rate

Do you know exactly what you need to burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle? Take this test to find out. THE MOVE: Resting Metabolic Rate WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: In ...
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Move of the Week: VO2 Max

Something a little different, but no less important for our weekly feature this week! THE MOVE: VO2 Max WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: VO2 Max is one of the performance indicators we ...
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