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4 Things you Need to Know About Our Nutritionist

  • Initial consultation is free
  • We create specialized 4-week meal plans to help meet weight loss/gain goals
  • Top-rated nutrition offerings include "Text a Nutritionist". Ask a question on the fly and get an immediate response
  • Even though we are the best in NYC, we also work remotely with clients using Skype
  • Located in Midtown near Upper East Side

Meet Our Nutritionist

Finding the right nutritionist for your unique health goals isn't always easy. Advice given us usually very different from one professional to the next.

But the problem is, eating right is the single-most important part of a healthy lifestyle and we always felt like the pool of nutritional experts in the Upper East Side area just don't get it right.

So we decided to offer nutritional services ourselves.

Our resident nutritionist focuses on creating sustainable meal plans and changing unhealthy habits the right way.

In addition to being a nutritional expert, Andrew also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology, so he understands how the human body works - from food to movement.

In college he was an honors pre-med student but decided that prevention rather than fixing existing problems was his passion.

At Apex, we have extremely high standards and expectations for every team member and when it comes to nutritional programing, we wanted the best.

Schedule an initial consultation and let's talk for free to see if we are the right fit.

Nutrition Program Director at Apex

Qualifications and Experience

If you do a Google search for Nutritionist in NYC, or even in the Upper East Side, you'll find well over 20 million results, and well over 200 businesses or health consultants listed.

So which ones, if any, are just right for you?

When we were looking for a nutritionist to join our team, we wanted someone that would stand out above the "noise". Afterall, our name, Apex Human Performance, implies the best. We simply can't say we are the best nutritionist in Manhattan without living up to it.

Andrew Malkiel, our nutrition expert here at AHP is a master at his craft.

He started his career in human performance after deciding his medical school path wasn't for him.

He holds a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Health for Human Performance, and a Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami.

Getting here from...

  • Central Park (4 blocks)
  • Park Ave. (at 57th)
  • Crunch Fitness 59th (2.5 blocks)
  • Tramway Plaza (1 block)
  • 601 Lexington Ave (3 blocks)
  • Trump Tower (3 blocks)
  • Equinox East 54th (2.5 blocks)
  • 432 Park Ave Condominiums (2 blocks)

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