Personal Training

Best in class. Top Results.

Why have stars of business, sports, and the arts like Hugh Jackman, Frank McCourt, John Oliver, Milos Raonic, Joe Edelman, John Legere, and Ryan Seacrest sought us out?

Because at Apex Human Performance, our goal isn't just to help you lose thirty pounds in thirty days or be able to go from a "couch to a 5k." You want more than that, and that's what we're here for.

The goal of our Personal Trainers, who all have Master's Degrees in Exercise Science, is to improve your performance, period. Sure, you'll lose weight - but you'll also:

  • increase strength and cardiopulmonary health/output,
  • reduce stress (and increase stress tolerance),
  • increase energy and endurance
  • decrease and/or eliminate pain,
  • improve body composition (i.e. build muscle, decrease fat)...
  • and the list goes on and on.

We pride ourselves on having the best Personal Trainers in New York City and don't just hire any trainer with some "certification" --

All of our Personal Trainers possess Master's Degrees in Exercise Science.

Our clients and members are top performers in business, sports, and the arts who demand the best. We deliver that and more.