Body Composition Analysis

(Body Fat Testing)

A scale is a single-factor measurement of gravitational pull, answering only “How much?”

Our Body Composition Analysis is a multifactor measurement of the body’s fat mass, lean mass, total body water, and actual muscle mass (lean mass includes both bone and muscle), answering not only “How much?” but more importantly “Of what?”

Using medically-validated 8-point bioelectrical impedance, a non-invasive and comfortable method of measuring body composition, we are able to quickly and effectively obtain precise health data (i.e. body fat and lean mass), as well as aesthetic and performance-related metrics (i.e. skeletal muscle mass).


"What gets measured gets managed
...and what gets managed gets improved."
-Peter Drucker

The data obtained from the Body Composition Analysis is also a strong indicator of health by identifying risks including Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity.

Our testing methodology is not only more comfortable than hydrostatic weighing (water immersion or “dunk tank”), DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry), skin-fold measurements (calipers used to pinch skin), and Bod Pod (air displacement plethysmography), but has been medically-validated to perform at the same or higher standards as any of these methods.

The Body Composition Analysis is performed while laying comfortably and fully clothed on a treatment table in under fifteen minutes.

Body Composition Analysis results are then analyzed to help determine goal-dependent strategies, from health, fat loss and weight loss, to increasing lean muscle mass, to improving sport performance -- in a variety of sports including running, cycling, triathlon, and true weight-dependent sports like boxing.

Our Resting Metabolic Rate test (RMR) is the perfect compliment to the Body Composition Analysis, which, together, provides a complete matrix of nutrition-dependent weight loss, fat loss, performance and health data.