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The 2021 Guide to Finding a Personal Trainer in Manhattan

If you're reading this article, there's a good chance you're dissatisfied in some way with the current state of your health and fitness. Perhaps you're stuck with a few extra ...
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Healthy Traveling

Top Line Traveling can wreak havoc on your fitness, but it doesn't have to. When done properly, time off can actually be beneficial to your fitness goals.  Why It Matters ...
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The Foundation of Good Exercise Programs

Top Line Understanding the basic concepts of exercise prescription will allow you to choose the right program and trainer for your needs.   Why It Matters Without progressive overload, you ...
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3 Myths about Weightlifting

Top Line As a strength and conditioning coach for over seven years, I've seen and heard it all when it comes to myths about weightlifting. These misconceptions aren't just wrong, ...
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Mushrooms for Longevity

Top Line Mushrooms are a naturally occurring supplement that may be able to improve your memory, focus, training performance, and provide anti-aging effects.   Why It Matters Mushroom supplementation can ...
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The Science Behind Foam Rolling

Top Line Next time you exercise, take five minutes to roll out beforehand. Short bouts of foam rolling have been shown to improve performance, mobility, recovery time, arterial function, and ...
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Best Oils To Use For Cooking and Baking

The four best ingredients to cook and bake with that reduce inflammation and boost your overall health. Oils are quite sensitive to light and temperature. An oil at one temperature ...
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What is your diet?

Keto, Carbs, & Protein diets: How do they affect performance?

Top Line This article will look at how ketogenic, moderate to high carbohydrate, and high protein diets effect athletic performance. Why it Matters Most high level or elite athletes will ...
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Are you metabolically healthy?

Top Line Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2009-2016 revealed that around 27.3 million Americans met the criteria for optimal metabolic health. This means that the ...
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